Ricebowlproject: Crowdsourcing On A Micro Level

Ricebowlproject: Crowdsourcing On A Micro Level

A new crowdfunding platform aims to help inspire change among local and international communities through community-based initiatives.

Don Michael Acelar De Leon
  • 27 july 2011

Ricebowlproject is a new crowdsourcing platform for social entrepreneurs concentrating on cause-based initiatives that aims to create ripples of change among local, national, and even international communities. Driven by the idea that  no contribution is too small or insignificant to inspire positive change, Ricebowlproject encourages collective action among its viewers through either starting an idea for a project, or funding it altogether. From Ricebowlproject:

A single grain of rice may seem insignificant. But take thousands of those single grains and now you’re feeding a village. That’s the idea behind the Ricebowlproject. No action, no contribution is ever insignificant. Because when you take the efforts of one and multiply them by a family or a club or a community, the results can be wonderfully grand.

To start a Ricebowlproject or view existing projects, visit Ricebowlproject here.



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