Ruby Pseudo: Baking Up A Storm Of Cake

Ruby Pseudo: Baking Up A Storm Of Cake
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When blogger and consultant Ruby Pseudo noticed a lot of baking events popping up, she interviewed a few participating young women to see where the sudden passion for baking was coming from.

Ruby Pseudo
  • 13 july 2011
So it seems that cake is the new black, baking cakes that is. I’ve noticed a few young women and a couple of events popping up over the past months all geared towards those with a sweet tooth, as ladies seems to be donning their aprons and whipping up a storm. Similar to the explosion of nail art amongst the ladies I dont think that this quiet storm is going to quit anytime soon, but is going to continue brewing.
I thought to have a quick chat to a few ladies who are firmly aboard the baky train [see what I did there] and see their view on the recent rise in the popularity of this particular cottage industry.
First up is Eleni Constantinou who runs Cakes By Eleni
Give us a quick introduction, maybe tell us something we would never know about you?

My main passion has actually always been music and singing. I dont think anyone knows I can sing.

Where abouts in london are you from?

I’m not. I’m a midlands girl.

How did you learn to bake, was it a book thing or did you just pick it up by watching others bake and cook around you?

Well I’ve been baking since I was a little girl (when you have a Greek mother and Greek grandmothers, you learn your way around the kitchen very soon in life). Professionally, I did a course in cake decoration about four years ago and took it from there.

Next up is Karimah a friend of mine since my time attending Essex University and now an avid baker.
So you’ve been baking a lot, have you always enjoyed cooking or is it a kind of new thing?
Yeah I’ve been baking a bit recently lol. I’ve always loved cooking, been cooking from the age of 9. I was encouraged to cook a lot of food but I personally have never really baked. That’s quite a new thing.

How did you learn to bake, was it a book thing or did you just pick it up by watching others bake and cook around you?

I used to always watch and help my Gran when I was younger. She was always baking, mainly Caribbean fruit cake. She’s passed now and my mum’s taken over so I suppose I’ve just grown up around it.

How do you come up with the recipes, do you look online, make ‘em up or are they some family secrets?

If I be honest I think the freedom of university and living on campus gave me more freedom than I’ve ever really had so I was able to experiment with different ingredients and all that. A lot of what I know about the recipes is from my mum or Gran so I’ve just remixed their ones and made them my own. That’s kind of cheating lol stealing their secrets. I’ve gotten to the stage now where I never actually need to measure anything I just chuck a bit of this and that in and it always comes out amazing lol. So looking online is a thing of the past lol.
Sounded like good vibes, now to hear from Naddy Buttersworth [definately a bakers name init,] who recently attended her first Bake Sale ….
Give us a quick introduction ….
I’m Naddy. I’m 23. Something you would never know about me? By the time I was 20 I had filmed Talib Kweli, Styles P, Masta Ace and Flying Lotus to name a few. So far off from what I do now!
How did you learn to bake, was it a book thing or did you just pick it up by watching others bake and cook around you?
My mother is moroccan and it’s surprisingly difficult to find authentic moroccan cakes and halwa in London so she used to bake them. At home, we always had freshly baked bread too. I’ve always hated moroccan cakes because they are just too sweet, so my mum bought me some children’s recipe books to learn from. I guess learning to bake was a combination of the two, but I am really bad at following strict instructions and I like to improvise with recipes, which doesn’t always end well! When I was testing recipes for The Bake Off, I tried to bake a Key Lime Pie and I thought it would be OK to substitute condensed milk with evaporated milk because that is what was in the store cupboard. It resulted in a lime quiche with a biscuit base…. absolute disaster!
How would you describe your cakes?
Fresh and fruity! I’m not a big fan of icing so I prefer decorating them with fresh fruits and freshly whipped cream or homemade butter icing.
I heard your cakes went down a storm at the BakeOff last weekend, was this first cake event you’ve attended? Also how did you find it?
I got asked for my business card which took me by surprise! The Bake Off was the first baking event I have participated in and it was so much fun. It was quite daunting at first because you are kind of putting yourself out there but the response was overwhelming. Poppy & Holly are absolute sweethearts and I think they are on to a winner with this idea. I would encourage all the ladies to have a go. It is such a feel-good event and everyone is so supportive. I’m already planning the menu for the next one!
What’s your favorite cake to make?
Victoria Sponge cake is an all-time classic. Although I have made Strawberry Daquiri cupcakes a few times now and everyone seems to love them. I reckon it’s all that rum that I put in them!
(Read the full interviews here.)
Ruby Pseudo is the founder and writer of Ruby Psuedo Consulting, which is a global youth planning and research consultant agency. Learn more about Ruby at Ruby Psuedo Consulting.


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