The Head of Planning at Ogilvy argues that we need to stop designing media that by default tries to grab all the available attention and start experimenting by playing with modes like glancing rather than staring.

We’ve been lucky enough to work with Kevin on some second screen thinking and one of the things he’s made me realise is – it’s not the nature of the screen that’s important, it’s the nature of the attention. Secondary Attention is a different beast and one we’ll have to think about differently.

Our default habit is to design media that trys to grab all the available attention. (Normally meaning all the optical attention.) And that’s getting us into trouble. It’s why Dentsu/BERG’s work here is so clever -it’s designed to be respectful of our primary attention, offering something quick, quiet, useful or rewarding in the moments we can spare it some mind. That’s why it offers such an attractive alternative to the Blade Runner/Cillit Bang scenario.

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