Sci-Fi Short ‘Jouet’ Asks Can Robots Feel Real Love? [Video]

Sci-Fi Short ‘Jouet’ Asks Can Robots Feel Real Love? [Video]
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Filmmaker Mike Buonaiuto tells a dark, futuristic tale about synthetic humans.

Emma Hutchings
  • 12 july 2011

Award-winning filmmaker Mike Buonaiuto has created an interesting short film called Jouet. Set in the year 2031, this science fiction story occurs after a large number of British troops have been killed in the U.S. Artifical humans called Jouets have been issued to the homes of British war widows but some have become emotionally unstable and formed an attachment.

This is a silent film, shot entirely on Canon  HDSLR cameras and utilizing Technicolors new ‘Cinestyle’ picture style. It was shot at 50fps and converted to 25fps in post production, giving it a slow-motion, dream-like quality. Much is left to the imagination in this thought-provoking, atmospheric short, which can be viewed below:

Jouet | Sci-Fi Short-Film from Mike Buonaiuto on Vimeo.


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