Choice quotations that didn't make it into the video series will tell you everything you need to know to be a successful buyer in our changing media landscape.

Caroline Ku
  • 18 july 2011


When creating our new series Secrets Of A Killer Media Buyer, we had so many great sound bites that didn’t make it to the final cut. Check out some more of the essential tips, advice and analysis that will be key for understanding and making it, in the world of the media buyer.


What do you think is the next frontier in media buying?

I think data is going to be a huge thing. Every conference I went to last year was about networks and exchanges and real-time bidding. Mobile devices and tablets are really going to be another layer on top of all that.

—Lindsay Wong, Associate Media Director/Razorfish NYC

There’s a few things I think are going on as the next frontier in media. First is data. There’s a real tension right now between data and privacy. It’s going to be sticky and messy, and it’s going to go on for a very long time.

—Jordan Bitterman, Senior Vice President in Media, Marketing and Content/Digitas

There will be no such thing as order-takers in the future of media industry, because all those order-takers are going to be working finance desk trading jobs; trading media; not rationalizing media, and not being innovative with media. They’re going to put into these platforms that we’re seeing right now.

—K-Yun Steele, Vice President/Zenith Interactive

How has online advertising changed the job of the media buyer?

“Things used to be relatively simple. You ran an ad and if people clicked on it, that was great. And now, you really have to think about how your recommendations are going to integrate with the creative side; how they’re going to integrate with content on the site; how they may be able to drive to another element of the marketing mix and drive engagement there.”

—Sarah Sikowitz, Group Media Director/360i

Why do you think so many larger agencies are collaborating with startups? Is this a trend?

“I think we’re living in a world where people have the tools to create viable businesses out of their home using sophisticated technology that they don’t need to build themselves. Groupon stared on a WordPress blog. People have the ability to create really amazing businesses based on their own ingenuity and knowledge of a very few simple digital tools. That trend simply isn’t going away.”

—Nicole Newville, Vice President of Brand and Media Planning/Space 150

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