An inventor teams up with the University at Buffalo to develop high-tech sunglasses with LCD screens and a micro-camera.

Chris Mullin, inventor and CEO of Dynamic Eye, has joined forces with the University at Buffalo to produce new technologically-advanced eyewear that reduces glare. The lenses of these sunglasses are LCD screens, which create a small grey square in front of the eye, targeting blinding light. A pinhole camera embedded in the bridge of the glasses takes a photo and analyzes it for glare. The LCD can then create extra shade in a certain area of the lens if needed and can also move the square if the wearer moves their head or the light source moves. The time it takes to identify and block glare is about 50 milliseconds. This technology could have applications in health care (for glaucoma patients with a sensitivity to light), automotive (rear-view mirrors and windshields that block blinding light) and military sectors (eyewear for fighter pilots and soldiers).

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