The Denim Visionary Behind Earnest Sewn And Paper Denim & Cloth Launches New Line

The Denim Visionary Behind Earnest Sewn And Paper Denim & Cloth Launches New Line

The creator of multiple popular denim brands has now turned his innovative vision on to the influential brand, Evisu.

Laura Feinstein
  • 19 july 2011

Scott Morrison doesn’t know the meaning of playing it safe. After starting two of the most successful denim companies in recent memory (Paper Denim & Cloth and Earnest Sewn, respectively), Morrison could have easily rested on his laurels designing for a much-loved international brand and reaped the financial rewards. Instead Morrison decided to follow his passion- landing himself in a position as Creative Director for Evisu, one of the most influential denim brands of all-time and a personal favorite of Morrison’s. Tasked with reinvigorating the collection, Morrison set out drawing on his years of industry knowledge, while also recruiting some of the freshest new talent in the biz. When we last sat down with him, he had just settled in with Evisu, and spoke with us candidly about his plans for the brand, as well as his personal inspiration and creative methods.  Though he has since left Evisu, Morrison continues his innovation streak with his newest brainchild: 3×1 Denim, a collection of premium, tailored, and bespoke jeans.

With a hip downtown shop right on Mercer Street (incidentally 3×1 counts uber-arts publications V Magazine and Visionaire as its neighbors), the pristine space houses a collection of high quality denim made by loom, and ready to be tailored to your measurements on premise by a team of artisan sewers and craftsmen. From the inner seam thread to the zipper button and fly, all aspects of your perfect pair of jeans can be customized. For those of you worried about seeing your dream pants on the next subway ride, have no fear: 3×1’s men’s and women’s denim are only produced in runs of eight to 24. While out of reach of most everyday customers, there is also the option of consulting with Scott himself on a bespoke pair made to order from scratch.  Though Scott was mum on some of the clientele that have chosen this option, one can’t help but imagine a high level celebrity or denim enthusiast like Kanye West or the Olsen Twins dropping by for measurements.

However the nice part is you don’t have to be star to stop by the shop- all you need is a passion for the perfect fit and an open mind. Check out some of the photos from our recent visit below.




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