How Did News Of The World Hack Those Phones?

How Did News Of The World Hack Those Phones?

In light of the NOTW scandal, here are some common and simple phone hacking methods.

Emma Hutchings
  • 22 july 2011

The News of the World phone hacking scandal has left many people wondering how secure their mobile phones are and how their privacy is invaded. Gizmodo has a great article about the different types of phone hacking techniques likely used by reporters and others to get hold of information about people’s private lives.

Voicemail hacking, either by spoofing your phone number or cracking a password (which people often leave as the default) is relatively simple if you know how. Even if you have changed the password, this doesn’t guarantee your safety:

Strong passwords guarding voicemail are not 100-percent safe from determined snoopers, who have been known to call phone companies to ask for a password reset on a target’s account. Security experts expect that some amount of this type of social engineering took place in the News of the World scandal.

How News of the World Hacked Everybody’s Phone

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