Want To Buy An Island On Craigslist?

Want To Buy An Island On Craigslist?

Two art enthusiasts strive to buy a long-uninhabited island listed off on Craigslist to create a space for artists to create and display their work.

Don Michael Acelar De Leon
  • 12 july 2011

Rob Gorski and  Andrew Ranville, are two art aficionados have set out to pull a PR stunt that would result in the creation of a haven for art. They are aiming to raise $12,500 to buy a 91-acre piece of land called “Rabbit Island” listed on Craigslist last year and turn it into an environment conducive to pursuing artistic endeavors. Of their project, Gorski and Ranville say:

Ecological concerns are a growing influence within the consciousness of society and the creative practices of many people. Visual artists, writers, designers, architects, farmers and creative researches of all types are doing some amazing things and we want develop an amazing space for those practices to flourish and be challenged.

This artist residency presents some really unique constraints: It is off-the-grid, it is nature in its purist form, it’s an experiment, a laboratory. It is isolated from all centralized forms of transportation, energy production, food industry, and, the world of art. Rabbit Island represents a chance to creatively explore ideas related to the absence of civilization in a well-preserved microcosm. This is why we want to establish an artist residency on Rabbit Island.


To help or learn more about their project, visit their Kickstarter page.


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