We&Co Lets Customers Say Thank You

We&Co Lets Customers Say Thank You

New app uses Foursquare locations to let people thank their waitress, hairdresser, mechanic or anyone else who provides a great service.

Emma Hutchings
  • 20 july 2011

Start-up We&Co has launched publicly this week after a pilot in Atlanta. The new app offers people the chance to connect with those who provide a great service. Essentially, it’s for patrons, employees and businesses to interact with each other. Using the same locations as Foursqaure, the app shows the people who work there and instead of checking in you thank them if you enjoyed the service you received. Business owners get a new way to promote their company, employees get recognition for their good work and customers can receive perks like discounts or free products in return for regularly visiting and thanking their favorite employees.

We&Co Lets Customers Say Thank You


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