Wevolve: Summer Reads!

Wevolve: Summer Reads!

Forward-looking strategy team suggests 8 books to read during the summer holiday just in time for 4th of July weekend!

Valentina Park
  • 1 july 2011

OK, summer holidays are upon us and it’s again time to switch the office attire and attitude to a more relaxed recharging mindset and mode. To wish you a great summer and help you to feed your brain also on those lazy days we wanted to share with you our favorite summer reads.

Yes, it’s a classic list. Below are eight favorite books of ours that we have recently read, are currently reading or that still are waiting on the virtual shelves the start of the well-deserved vacation.

Have a good one on the hammock!




1. The Late American Novel – Writers on the Future of Books

This insightful and inspiring anthology by Jeff Martin and C. Max Magee explores through 18 essays by finest scholars, journalists, and publishers what lies ahead on the future of the book. This one helps your body to enjoy the beach while your mind travels to the future.





2. Everything is Obvious – When You Know the Answer

Duncan Watts, sociologist and network scientist, argues that only by understanding how our common sense and intuition often fails us with larger, complex issues—like business or politics—can we improve how we plan for the future and understand the present. Truly fascinating! (for sociology and futurist geeks, that is)





3. The Art of Immersion

Frank Rose explores how a new form of narrative that’s native to the Internet is trumping linear storytelling and changing the way we engage into stories. He makes a case for renegotiating the roles of the author and the audience, how great stories are becoming more like games, and how the line between fiction and reality is increasingly blurring. To be read digitally while surfing the web, please.

(To see the full list, click here.)

[Reprinted with kind permission from Wevolve.]

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