The most expensive cities in the world, such as Tokyo and Sydney, have seen a continuous rise in cost of living each year.

The Telegraph posted a list of the most expensive cities in the world today:

1. Tokyo, Japan Tokyo remains the most expensive location in the world despite the human and economic cost of the earthquake and tsunami which hit the city in March. 2. Oslo, Norway Once again Oslo is in second place in the list, with a slight rise in the cost of living keeping the European city between the Japanese centres Tokyo and Osaka. 3. Osaka Kobe, Japan Living in Osaka remains expensive due to low inflation, poor consumer confidence and the strong yen, which have kept the cost of living significantly higher than in other countries. 4. Paris, France Between 2006 and 2009 Paris was the second most expensive city in the list, overtaken in recent years by the two Japanese cities. 5. Zurich, Switzerland Zurich has climbed two places in the last year, rising from seventh place to fifth. 6. Sydney, Australia The largest and most populous city in Australia has also climbed two places in the last 12 months. 7. Melbourne, Australia The second Australian city in the list was in ninth place last year, having risen along with Sydney partly due to the high cost of energy. 8. Frankfurt, Germany Along with Paris, Frankfurt was the only city in the list of the ten most expensive cities to have fallen in the rankings since last year, moving from fifth place to eighth. 9. Geneva, Switzerland The second Swiss city in the list was not featured in 2010, and has risen from the twelfth most expensive place to live to ninth in just 12 months. 10. Singapore, Singapore Moving up just one place since 2010, partly was enough to take Singapore into the top ten list of most expensive cities. Foreign workers account for 36pc of the population of Singapore. The Telegraph

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