The head of the WIndows Phone division, Andy Lees, recently announced that Microsoft plans to create one software ecosystem that will run on all of its mobile phones, PCs and other devices, instead of separate ecosystems for each device.

This article titled “Why Microsoft's ‘single ecosystem' for PCs and tablets carries huge risks” was written by Charles Arthur, for on Friday 15th July 2011 16.30 UTC

Microsoft wants to move towards a single software ecosystem for both mobile phones, PCs, and devices in between including tablets and e-readers running its software, according to Andy Lees, the head of the Windows Phone division.

One ecosystem to rule them all

In a speech at the Windows Partners Conference in Los Angeles, Lees outlined a number of key trends which he said were leading to the changes: “it starts right at the core of the devices themselves,” he said, pointing to the demonstrations of Windows 8 running on systems-on-a-chip (SOC) that mean that PCs can take different form factors.

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