What is Spotify?

What is Spotify?

The popular cloud music service that was only available in Europe is finally making its launch in the United States today.

Caroline Ku
  • 14 july 2011

Spotify the music-streaming service has launched in the United States today.

The concept is simple. You sign up for an account and get access to 15 million songs. Depending on the type of account you have, it will determine if you will get the service ad-free or have unlimited streaming. It will also determine what devices you can share your account across, and how much offline storage you have.

To create playlists, users can drag and drop or right click on tracks. They can also share their playlists through Facebook and Twitter by posting a link instantly from Spotify.

As a cloud music service, Spotify is able to give users access to their playlists from anywhere and also offline. Even if you’re stuck in the subway and there’s no wifi, you can access your Spotify account, so long as you still have battery on your device.

The late arrival of Spotify, a Swedish company, to the U.S. is in part the result of the company wanting to properly establish their service before expanding overseas; getting the license to all the songs, which is usually a lengthy process, was the second reason, and hesitation to licence songs on the part of the US music industry may also have contributed.

What Spotify means for the future of the music industry is perhaps not as revolutionary or devastating as the record companies might fear, as similar applications like Pandora have had their wave of success, and the industry is still standing. However, what Spotify adds to the scene is the ability to create a larger global music source.


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