Can screengrabbing be the new photography? How have artists responded to Google pervasive photography of our urban lanndscapes?

Google's innovations have always tended to inspire new ways of thinking and doing.

In this post, we turn to Google Street View as an especially rich platform for creative inspiration that has  brought about numerous art projects positioning screenshots as a new way of doing photography. Our sample of art projects is based on this post from Wired's Raw File.

Shaping Human Stories Out Of Data

While Google is concerned with capturing data, artists are interested in voicing their perspective on what Google is doing. For example, in discussing his work,  A Series of Unfortunate Events, Michael Wolf said, ‘It doesn't belong to Google, because I'm interpreting Google; I'm appropriating Google.' Having worked as a photojournalist, Wolf frames his creative process in a political manner. He manually crawled Google's street photos looking for oddities, mishaps, and comedic moments.

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