Ajiro Is The World’s First All-Bamboo Vehicle

Ajiro Is The World’s First All-Bamboo Vehicle
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An Australian design student creates the very first bamboo vehicle for the Australian design awards.

Don Michael Acelar De Leon
  • 9 august 2011

PSFK previously featured design concepts that upcycle old plastics into usablel bicycles. Using the highly renewable bamboo plant as a base resource, Australian design student Alexander Vittouris unveils his concept bike, the ‘Ajiro Bamboo Velobike,’ which integrates the natural flexibility of bamboo and its growth process into its product life cycle. Ajiro features a lush canopy and under-seat storage made from woven bamboo. Vittouris explains:

The velomobile concept provides a natural source of human power, bridging the gap between car and bicycle by providing on-board storage and canopy protection for the rider. Simplifying the package, the [Ajiro’s] rear wheels act as the steering mechanism, with the front wheel providing power input. This removes complexity of many recumbent vehicles reliant on derailleur systems. For stability at the low speeds proposed for urban use, most of the rider weight is positioned over the rear wheels.

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