Ballantine’s Experiments With Human API By Intercepting The Artist’s Mind

Ballantine’s Experiments With Human API By Intercepting The Artist’s Mind

Scottish whiskey company Ballantine's turns to its Facebook fans and three talented artists to conduct a real-time experiment, known as a Human API.

Caroline Ku
  • 9 august 2011

Imagine lying on the table, with your shirt off. The tattoo artist’s hand is hovering over your chest while he waits for feedback via Facebook as to what colour ink to use next. This is one of the three Human API experiments conducted for Ballantine’s Leave An Impression campaign where people were invited to take part in the real-time development of 3 art projects that included a tattooing, a mural painting and an ice sculpture carving.

The Scottish whiskey company streamed each event live on Facebook while the artist discussed with fans via live chat on how to proceed with the artwork.

Although the videos that documented each event have nothing to do with whiskey, the concept of a human API has created some buzz for the company that started back in 1827.

Each artwork also has an animated aspect that brings it to life after it is completed. The tattoo has a QR code that sings to you when scanned. The graffiti mural is embedded with TV screens that play videos and clips of the participants who helped on the project. And the ice sculpture does a little dance in stop-motion while melting away.

The campaign idea was conceived by the London creative agency Work Club.

The artists involved in the project were tattoo artist, K.A.R.L., the graffiti artist, 45 R.P.M. and ice sculptor J.A.M.I.E.

Check out the videos below:

Ballantine’s Whiskey

Work Club

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