Bing Introduces Location-Based Social Networking App ‘We’re In’

Bing Introduces Location-Based Social Networking App ‘We’re In’

Bing has released a new app for Windows Phone with friend invites and shared locations that expire after a set amount of time.

Emma Hutchings
  • 27 august 2011

Bing has recently announced the release of a new location-based app called ‘We’re In,’ that lets you invite your friends, share your location and update your status. The Windows Phone app is designed for organizing get-togethers and meeting up with your friends. Using your phone number to sign up, you then invite friends to a group via your contacts list, share location information with each other and tell them what the plan is and when the event ends.

Bing Introduces Location-Based Social Networking App 'We're In'

Your friends will receive a text message with these details and they can either use the app to join you or, if they don’t have a Windows Phone, they can join from the mobile website link via the invite. You can view locations on a map and update status messages, and if you want to stop sharing your location info you can just leave the group. When the time for the event is up, the invite expires and location sharing stops automatically.


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