Blogging Still Preferred As The Way To Express Ourselves Online

Blogging Still Preferred As The Way To Express Ourselves Online

Twitter and Facebook, may be the leading social media platforms for sharing snippets of information, but blogs remains popular for expressing more complex thoughts.

Don Michael Acelar De Leon
  • 29 august 2011

Among the numerous online communication platforms available, Facebook and Twitter have seemingly taken the forefront, with the former often used as a medium of photo-sharing and social networking, and the latter providing an avenue for an instant and continuous flow of opinionated messages. However, a new report by Forbes indicates that blogs are still, numerically, the most important place to express opinions on significant issues, while Facebook and Twitter are labeled as ‘one day wonders’ whose relevance and power to form opinion never goes past a day’s worth of novelty.

Initial research on topics that generated significant online buzz include Japan’s tsunami tragedy in March of this year, President Barack Obama’s troop withdrawal and the recession in August and September of 2010. The following pie charts show that in terms of daylong coverage, Facebook and Twitter dominate the picture:

However, once the coverage period is extended to a month, the landscape changes, blogs become the preferred medium of communication as seen in the chart below:

From Forbes:

Blogs, once written off as a communications medium, more than hold there own once you switch out of the immediate reaction mode of Tweeting and liking. And it means the open web is still quite a force.

Forbes: Why People’s Use of Blogs Dominates Use of Twitter and Facebook

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