This new urbanist movement would have suburbanites using public transportation, bicycling and walking more.

While driving an eco-friendly car is good for the environment and may also be trendy, urban planners are taking the idea of sustainability in the suburbs even further by designing entire car-free communities. Paths in these communities are designed for bicycling and walking to encourage suburbanites to use more sustainable types of transportation.

And the concept has already been implemented and embraced by the upscale suburb of Vauban in Freiburg, Germany which is completely car-free, except for the main road and a few streets on the edge of the suburb. Cars are banned from streets, driveways and home garages. If you have a car, then you must buy parking space in one of the two large garages at the edge of the community. As a result, 70 percent of families in Vauban don’t own a car and feel much happier.

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