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Dahlia by Carsten Witte (Hamburg, Germany) Photographing flowers is nothing new, but this artist breathes new life into the popular subject with this sumptuous set. [Project Link] Elevate Desire by Kylie Henry (Alberta, Canada) For an architecture firm all about “pure and uncompromising spacial vision,” their brand book needed to reflect the same design principles. [Project Link] New Illustrations And Some Process by Kristy Anne Ligones (Phillippines) Love how this artist reinterpreted “The Breakfast Club” characters as a slightly more ghoulish team, “The Midnight Snack Club.” [Project Link] Magazine Update by Loulou and Tummie (Tiburg, Netherlands) Who knew such charming illustrations could result from straight lines and primary  colors? We admire this work done for magazines like Monocle and Knack. [Project Link] Modern Love by Sarah Arnett (Brighton, United Kingdom) What a fashion fusion: Paris in the 30's, New York Disco in the 70's. An unusual pairing that worked out. [Project Link]

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