Cyclists Meet The PumpTire: The World’s First Self-Inflating Tire

Cyclists Meet The PumpTire: The World’s First Self-Inflating Tire

A new concept bike tire uses the motion of the tire to draw air from the atmosphere and could revolutionize the cycling world.

Kyana Gordon
  • 29 august 2011

Behold, cyclists, there’s a new innovation coming to town called PumpTire that is billed as the world’s first self-inflating bicycle tire.

Thanks to the San Francisco-based startup, city cyclists will soon be rejoicing as this tire includes a built-in pumping mechanism that uses the spinning motion of the wheel to gather air and the weight of the bike to push air into the inner tube.

PumpTire is the company and product name of a complete set of items that consist of a tire, a tube, and detachable valve. The inner tube clips into the tire to allow the air to pass from the tire to the tube. Once the desired pressure is reached, the pump stops. The valve senses the increase in pressure and closes the air pathway so that no more air is pumped into the tire.

Currently, an advanced prototype, the PumpTire team is promoting the project on Kickstarter, and hope to receive enough donations so they can transform their vision into products for cyclists everywhere.


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