A History In Images: The Budweiser Can

A History In Images: The Budweiser Can

America's iconic beer brand Budweiser has redesigned its can to symbolize its growth in the global market.

Valentina Park
  • 13 august 2011

In its role as the great American beer–or self-described ‘King Of Beers’–Budweiser has come a long way from being a steel-canned, eagle claw-adorned beverage for Americans in the mid-1930’s. It has become an iconic, global brand that continues to grow. This week, Anheuser Busch-partnered with London-based agency JKR to redesign the Bud can in order to embrace its growing global success and resonate with consumers around the world. The new design features an enlarged version of the famous Budweiser bowtie. It’s important to note that the iconic bowtie was originally designed to encourage Americans to call the beer by its full name, instead of its rather plain nickname, Bud.

The can also features a small, gold crown on top of the bowtie as well as a crown carved into the opening tab. This new look, which marks the beer’s 12th redesign, is updated and clean but doesn’t sacrifice the brand’s hallmarks. To adapt with changing technologies, each new can also includes a QR code that when scanned allows consumers to more actively engage with their favorite beer. In a press release, Vice President Rob McCarthy enthusiastically exclaimed that the new design, and Budweiser’s more general success is rooted in three things, ‘a beer that has a crisp, refreshing taste, an unwavering commitment to quality and the enormous pride we take in each batch.’

Below is a gallery of how the Budweiser can has evolved since 1936.


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