Did An Algorithm Help A Woman Win The Lottery Multiple Times?

Did An Algorithm Help A Woman Win The Lottery Multiple Times?

Four time lottery winner has been outed as a Standford University Statistics PhD who may have discovered the key to winning big.

Dylan Schenker
  • 15 august 2011

The so called luckiest woman in the world may have had a trick up her sleeve. 63 year old Texas resident Joan Ginther has won the millionaire jackpot in the lottery four times over the last ten years at odds which are to be said one in eighteen septillion, making it practically an impossibility. However, she was recently outed as a math teacher and a graduate of Stanford University with a PhD in statistics. It is speculated that she may have discovered an algorithm for where the million dollar winning lottery tickets would be delivered since the method of shipping for the scratch off tickets is fixed.

Her most recent win was in 2010 when she won $10 million. Before that she won $2 million, then $3 million, and a decade ago when she began her role, $5.4 million. Two of the tickets were purchased from the same location which also points to the notion that she may have discovered how to game the system.

[via Daily Mail]

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