The official product page states 'Coming Soon' so what do we actually know about the Nomad TV box?

DirecTV's website recently launched a teaser page for the Nomad, however, facts about the product are still hard to come by. The site simply states that it is ‘Coming Soon' and reads ‘take your movies and shows from your  home DVR wherever you go,' so we know the device connects to customers' DVRs and allows them to watch programs on their computers, smartphones and tablets.

This post lists the available information and rumors about the TV box it has obtained from a DirecTV satellite installer training video, a press release from Morega and a thread at DBSTalk. It suggests that the Nomad will connect to multiroom capable satellite boxes via a wired network connection and transcode the video it pulls in for other devices like PCs and mobiles. There are also rumors about the amount of internal storage and the lack of streaming. Further information on this possible competitor to Slingbox should become available in the near future.

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