Domino’s Social Arcade Game Scores Free Pizza

Domino’s Social Arcade Game Scores Free Pizza

Domino's addictive, retro social arcade game (on Facebook) is an engaging campaign to celebrate the Noid's anniversary - and reward the highest scorers each minute with free pizza.

Paloma M. Vazquez
  • 15 august 2011

Domino’s (via partner Crispin Porter + Bogusky) launched Noid’s Super Pizza Shootout last week, which is a ‘social arcade game’ on Facebook – in which the highest-scoring winner is awarded a free pizza every minute for a week (for just over 10,000 pizzas awarded in a week). The game celebrates the 25th anniversary of the Noid, and in homage to 1986, features a very ‘8-bit’ retro look. In order to play the game, you just need to ‘like’ Domino’s on Facebook.

The ‘social’ aspect comes into play in pitting all Facebook players against each other. Players at a given point in time are added to a queue in which a determined number of players then play simultaneously for a minute, with their scores tallied and compared against each other each round. It’s the highest scorer each minute that is awarded the voucher for the free pizza pie. You can play as many times as your fast-clicking fingers can handle. A more formal description of how the game works follows:

Use your mouse to take aim and click to shoot as many pizzas as possible. Don’t hit the Noid, or any of the Noid targets, but watch out for the tomatoes he’ll be throwing you’re way. Shoot them before they hit you. The more pizzas you hit in a row without a mistake, the higher your score multiplier so aim for perfection. And keep an eye out for freeze ray upgrades including automatic mode, and scatter shots.

The game is a fun way to engage Domino’s fans and acquire some new ones in the process (they currently have over 3.4Million ‘Likes’). And the celebratory free pizza every minute is a great incentive for participation (and trial for those that may not have ordered from Domino’s in some time).

Domino’s Noid Shootout

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