Dr. Martens Newest Online Campaign Is Built Upon Shared Nostalgia

Dr. Martens Newest Online Campaign Is Built Upon Shared Nostalgia

A new series of ads from the popular punk brand plays on the consumer's history with the iconic boot.

Tarik Fontenelle
  • 22 august 2011

With the launch of the A/W collection around the corner, iconic British brand Dr. Martens have recently launched their new digital campaign in preparation. Building upon the ideas of irreverence and self-expression at the core of the brand, the campaign aims to hone in on that seminal ‘first’ experience between an individual and a pair of Dr. Martens.

Showcasing a short film based around a journey of ‘first’ moments, the First and Forever campaign further provides a platform for users to engage with one another’s brand experiences. Encouraging users to share some of their ‘first’ experiences [from their first pair of Dr. Martens, to first crush and gig experiences], memories are then plotted onto a social map whilst building a geography of personal experience in the process. This concerted focus on nostalgia has developed into an online space that houses a history of the relationships between the Dr Martens brand and its fan base — as well as a space to share and engage with would-be lost memories.

The campaign’s gritty, punk inspired feel is an unmistakable nod to the history of a brand that revels in its unashamed British aesthetic, and displays a clear continuation of the fashion focused outlook the brand has adopted in recent years.

Interesting to see highlighted in the campaign, is the role of the consumer relationship to the brand, manifested as the desire to share personal experiences that has ended up providing the campaign with a sense of longevity. The correlation between the nostalgia shared by users, and that felt towards the brand itself is an intriguing one, and surely displays evidence of the role products can play in detailing our own pasts. By providing this social space, Dr. Martens are allowing their fans to demonstrate the authenticity of their relationship to the brand, whilst also engaging a base of individuals eager to communicate their own memories and experiences.

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