Ed Cotton delves into the meaning of 'local' beyond the food and restaurant industry and what it means in the face of a world that is still very dependant on mass-produced products developed in faraway lands.

The production of many of the brands we use has long been outsourced to far off lands this means that the vital and often vibrant connection between the producer and the consumer is severed.

While years ago, this production connection would have been celebrated and romanced, the production side of the business is now mentioned in a hushed whisper whenever Taiwan, China or any Asian country is disclosed as the source.

The images of Asian production are firmly embedded in people’s heads, it’s a dirty little secret that neither the user or the producer of the brand involved feels comfortable talking about. Beyond the sweat shop image, there lies the realization that with this all this lost production comes “lost history”, “lost competence” and “lost power”- all things that we don’t feel good about.

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