As the earth runs out of natural resources, the price of basic commodities will increase and making it necessary for us to upcycle.

If you read the reports of expert analysts in commodity markets they will tell you that the earth’s resources aren’t finite and in many cases we are soon going to be running short of certain essential supplies.

From an economic perspective, it’s simple—we are going to have to pay more for a number of key commodities.

Obviously, this will impact the price consumers pay, but not all these prices can be passed on to consumers, so companies and brands need to get creative.

Net- this isn’t about the do good feel of sustainability and pleasing a small portion of your audience, more important than keeping hippies happy and saving the planet, it’s about doing the one thing that matters most to every company; saving money  which is the one thing that makes your CEO, CFO and shareholders much happier people.

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