Font Adds Dynamism To Arabic Typography

Font Adds Dynamism To Arabic Typography

Design student adds dynamism, harmony, and sophistication to a standard Arabic font.

Plus Aziz
  • 16 august 2011

In the western world we are obsessed by fonts, Helvetica, Verdana, Times New Roman But non-Western fonts never seem to make it on our radar. Wadi is an arabic typeface developed by Central Saint Martins College student Dinah Merhej. Inspired by Naskh calligraphy, a foundational Arabic font commonly used for printing, the typeface is:

characterized by the absence of straight baseline and the cursive connection between the glyphs… The typeface looks more dynamic, sophisticated and harmonious. The letters have big open counters that facilitate legibility when reduced to small size. Wadi is modern, clear and legible. It can be used for headings, sub-headings, newspapers, magazines,books, advertising and promotional materials.

Central Saint Martins College


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