The motor company is researching a way of creating a network that establishes connections between cars.

According to Connected Planet, Ford Motor Company chief technology officer and vice president of research Paul Mascarena and his team are looking into ways of developing a connected mobile network using the cars themselves, to help avoid accidents, identify the locations traffic jams and aid Internet access.

Ford believes the key is Wi-Fi, but not the ordinary access point and receiving device setup. What Ford envisions, Mascarenas said, is a high-powered, heavily encrypted Wi-Fi that establishes point-to-point connections between cars within a half-mile radius. Those connections could be used to communicate vital information between vehicles, either triggering alerts to the driver or interpreted by the vehicle’s computer. An intelligent car slamming on its brakes could communicate to all of the vehicles behind it that it’s coming to rapid halt, giving the driver that much more warning that he too needs to hit the brakes.

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