What might the lack of an Android version and G+ integration indicate about Google's strategy? And is following 'vines' enough to sway users from Instagram?

It almost goes without saying that mobile photography as an increasingly ubiquitous form of creating and sharing a personal narrative (and buzzword bingo favorite: storytelling).  So it’s no surprise that Google would up the game by trying their hand at a differentiated experience. To that end, meet ‘Photovine’: a mobile iPhone app launched in the iTunes app store on Wednesday.

So how is Photovine different? Rather than providing photo filters and stylistic effects, Photovine encourages its users to create communities by participating and sharing in vines – public threads built around specific themes, like ‘Food Porn’ or ‘Sunset’. A thread can be created by any individual – which of course means you may have related but different threads like ‘Cute Dog’ vs. ‘Cute Pets’, or ‘Food Porn’ vs. ‘Meals’. Users can like photos, comment on them, and explore vines based on what’s ‘Fresh’, ‘Popular’, or what they’ve been ‘Watching’ — activity on vines they’ve previous posted to or have selected to follow. And of course, there’s integration with contacts from your key social networks (Facebook and Twitter).

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