A new take on jewelry design sees the creation of miniature polymer clay food replicas that look to good enough to eat.

If you’re looking for a healthy low-calorie gift for a junkaholic, then miniature junk food jewelry is a great alternative. Designer Rachel Poston, aka Roscata, posted some of her new polymer clay creations on her Etsy page. One eye-catching piece is a brooch that is a mini replica of a Swanson Hungry Man pork chop TV dinner – complete with the fix-ins and dessert.

The artist truly has an eye for detail, as seen in her other jewelry pieces such as a snow cone pendant, macaroon cocktail ring, and a pair of cheeseburger earrings. Item prices range from $15 to $38 on Etsy. Clients can also contact the artist if they want to customize pieces, whether they want buttons for their bags or refrigerator magnets for their kitchen.

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