Handmade ‘Sausages’ Sewn Up In Berlin

Handmade ‘Sausages’ Sewn Up In Berlin
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A German design firm creates humorous textile interpretations of our favorite meat products.

Els Dragt
  • 30 august 2011

The eastern Berlin area of Friedrichshain houses a lot of different boutiques selling all kinds of handcrafted goods. Aufschnitt (which is German for cold cuts) is a Berlin based label that imitates every day sausages and meat products through traditional sewing techniques. Everything is hand stitched and made from quality micro fiber.

In the Aufschnitt shop annex atelier you can experience the design process live and buy a slightly less typical German souvenir like a clip-on sausage, a ham shaped bean bag or even a textile scale to weigh your imitation meat on. Aufschnitt not only designs for decoration or gifts but also commercial pieces, costumes and objects. Ironically, or maybe not so, the founder and designer Silvia Wald is a vegetarian.

Photo: Els Dragt


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