Hipster Ipsum Offers Trendy Filler For Your Website

Hipster Ipsum Offers Trendy Filler For Your Website

A satirical random word generator provides insight into a culture that passionately attempts to curtail its own identification.

Dylan Schenker
  • 17 august 2011

Do you need some lingo for your website to spice up your street cred? Want to really communicate with the culture that can make or break trends? Hipster Ipsum might be just the place for you. Hipster Ipsum is a satirical random word generator that provides a series of words associated with hipster culture.

In true hipster fashion the tone of the website is begrudging and ambivalent as if the existence of the site itself is strenuous to the entire culture. Similarly, it appropriates the word artisanal to denote the trend of using the word to make any business sound more legitimate. Latin can be added to the paragraphs it spouts out to push the word groups over the edge of pseudo-intellectualism.

By satirically exaggerating the so-called hipster, it comments on a culture that refuses to self-identify, by identifying clear-cut trends within it.

Here is an example paragraph:

Quinoa next level ut gluten-free aesthetic. +1 nostrud occaecat, master cleanse sartorial yr messenger bag. Carles dreamcatcher freegan esse, messenger bag enim seitan master cleanse four loko scenester squid dolore. Etsy seitan scenester, aliquip assumenda officia labore duis pitchfork gluten-free lo-fi cupidatat williamsburg. Fap vice hoodie, squid farm-to-table carles 8-bit whatever consequat ad fugiat craft beer synth portland. Excepteur before they sold out quinoa photo booth, freegan sint 8-bit dreamcatcher deserunt commodo beard synth portland carles odio. Fanny pack sapiente wolf, raw denim freegan farm-to-table vegan shoreditch.

Hipster Ipsum was originally designed by web designer Jason Cosper for close friends to laugh at, but quickly spread across the internet representing the popularity of the trend of the supposedly nonexistent culture.

Photograph by Flickr User saswe

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