How To Design A Better City [Video]

How To Design A Better City [Video]

Duncan Jackson and Eoin Billings of Billings Jackson Design speak about their work on bus shelters, rails, urban boundaries and lane identification in cities around the world.

Caroline Ku
  • 11 august 2011

At the 2011 PSFK Conference in NYC, Duncan Jackson and Eoin Billings of Billings Jackson Design spoke about their history and how their work bridges the gap between architecture and manufacturing by providing services in applied industrial design.

Some highlights from their presentation:

  • Billings Jackson’s designs addresses the widening gap between the architects designing the building and the contractors building it.
  • The company strives to bring an emotional experience to journeys on public transit rather than the brutal, tedious norm of subway and bus travel
  • Beautiful, thoughtful public objects do not cost any more than impersonal, unattractive ones; it simply requires intelligence and thought

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