#humantwitter Gives A Shout Out From The Audience At The X Games


This is what a Twitter message looks like when 160 people with letter cards are waiting to spell out your tweet.

Caroline Ku
  • 4 august 2011

There were some incredible feats at last weekend’s 2011 X Games 17 in Los Angeles, but the one stunt that was beyond any category—from rally, motocross, skateboarding and BMX—was Human Twitter.

During the motocross games, ESPN encouraged viewers to tweet with the hashtag ‘#humantwitter.’ Lucky tweeters would then see 160 letter-holders in the crowd stand with alpha cards scrambling to spell out their tweets.

Photographs were taken of the manually composed messages and then tweeted back to their authors, as well as broadcasting them on the JumboTron and on television for the world to see.

The buzz concept was conceived by Wieden + Kennedy for ESPN who are also behind The Old Spice commercials.

In 2010, X Games 16 was watched by 35.4 million people in the U.S. and broadcast to more than 382 million homes abroad, including Africa, Asia, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Caribbean, Europe, Israel, Latin America, Mexico, Middle East and New Zealand.

See Human Twitter in action:

2011 X Games 17

Wieden + Kennedy

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