Improv Everywhere Says Something Nice

Improv Everywhere Says Something Nice

The New York-based improv team attempt to get people to interact positively with their surrounding and each other.

Tarik Fontenelle
  • 24 august 2011

Friendly wouldn’t necessarily be the first word reached for in our arsenal of adjectives when describing NYC, but transient urban pranksters Improv Everywhere have once again set about to change our perceptions of city existence. Engaging passers by and trying to get them to ‘Say Something Nice,’ a small team of dedicated agents provoked a flow of niceties and exchanges between bustling commuters. By erecting stands and megaphones within the busy midst of the city, a whole range of people, young and old sang to, swooned and complimented the city around them. There were some fantastic results, this event was part of a collaborative project between the Improv Everywhere team and the Guggenheim Museum‘s exhibition, stillspotting nyc.

Improv Everything

Guggenheim Museum

stillspotting nyc

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