Instantly Access Personal Medical Data With Mini RFID Device

Instantly Access Personal Medical Data With Mini RFID Device

A Japanese company has developed a product that could help doctors and paramedics in emergency situations.

Emma Hutchings
  • 12 august 2011

The Japanese chemical and technology company Asahi Kasei has developed a new device product that enables medical professionals to instantly access a person’s medical data using a PC or smartphone, via RFID. The device is white, square and small, at just 3cmx3cm.

In an emergency, a doctor or a paramedic can press another RFID-enabled device that uses the same FeliCa technology (used by all of Japan’s mobile carriers, several major PC makers including Sony, and other electronics companies) against the white square to retrieve the owner’s medical records. For large files like X-rays, the device can provide a link to data stored on external servers.

Asahi Kasei is planning to market this device within a year and it will cost $25 per unit.

Asahi Kasei

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