The store design uses an innovative modular bin system which guides customers and makes store setup easier.

In an interesting twist, Netherlands-based recently opened their first physical store within the Het Verborgen Rijk bookstore in Amsterdam. Located adjacent to the cookbook section, the shop stocks a selection of wines and accessories. Retail design firm Storeage, based in Amsterdam,  created the concept which employs an interesting modular shelving design. All of the wine is contained within slanted interlocking bins which vary in color and finish. The shelving colors mimic the digital sommelier flavor charts available on the Grapy website and via an in-store touchscreen unit. The modular bin system is designed to be easily reconfigurable and adaptable to different sized spaces. Because the units rest on the floor, there is limited need for interior construction when fitting out a new location. This is a really well considered design which takes into account the consumer shopping experience and ease of implementation on the part of the retailer.

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