Apple's iPhone 3GS which has been succeeded by the iPhone 4 for more than the year, is still selling better than any other smartphone by competing brands.

Apple’s iPhone 3GS was supplanted by the newer iPhone 4 more than a year ago, but it’s still outselling every other phone on the market, except for the iPhone 4, according to a report.

Apple’s iPhone 4 took the number one spot, followed by the iPhone 3GS in the second quarter, according to The NPD Group. The latter model, which is slower and has less functionality than the iPhone 4, is also much cheaper. AT&T cut the price of the 3GS model to $49 with a two-year contract, in January. Refurbs of that model can go for as low as $9. Best Buy offered the phone for free with contract Monday. Todd Wasserman/Mashable.

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