Not only is celebrity Ashton Kutcher the face of the September issue of Details magazine, he also had a hand in adapting an online-only version to Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter.

The September issue of Details, which shows Ashton Kutcher in a somewhat bland black sweater on the cover, nevertheless offers an interesting example of how a fashion magazine can grab the attention of a social-media-savvy generation: ask someone who knows social media.

Over the course of the summer, Mr. Kutcher, whose technological prowess is part of his brand image, helped the magazine develop an online-only version that is being promoted beginning this week through Web sites and apps like Facebook, Flipboard, Tumblr and Twitter. Daniel Peres, the editor of Details, said of Mr. Kutcher, “This guy doesn’t just tweet a lot, he’s completely immersed in the world of technology.” Eric Wilson/The New York Times.

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