Is Kickstarter Becoming The Go-To Place To Buy Apple Accessories? [Headlines]

Amateur iPhone and iPad accessories are showing up on Kickstarter, the crowdfunding website for independent projects, and they're gaining a lot of popularity.

Caroline Ku
  • 8 august 2011

Where do you look for iPhone and iPad accessories? Your local Best Buy? The online Apple Store? There are lots of places to look, but one destination in particular has become my go-to spot for accessory browsing: Kickstarter.

The crowd-funding site, which invites users to invest in various projects with small sum “pledges” that only have to be paid if a project reaches its funding goal, is a breath of fresh air for a jaded iDevice accessory shopper like myself. And Kickstarter projects associated with Apple hardware seem to have a knack for doing well, both on the site and after achieving funding. Darrell Etherington/Gigaom.

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