iYou, an iTunes plug-in visualizes your iPhone’s unexposed data and makes your communication habits transparent.

iYou, an open software project developed by Niels Schrader and Bert Kommerij (in collaboration with Waag Society and Michał Ejdys) is committed to openness of data access and the understanding of media transparency.  The soon to-be-finished proof of concept developed visualizes the still relatively unexposed usage data of a typical iPhone – from phone call history, text message contents to Facebook communication patterns.

Curious what your data reveals about your relationships with your friends? Who do you contact regularly and how? And what places you visit throughout the day? Combining all the information from your different apps into the iYou™ software, allows for a better understanding of your current phone interactions. The project's aim is to create a visualization in the form of an iTunes plug-in, which will allow you to access the latest iPhone backup files and display the different graphs and diagrams within the normal iTunes window.

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