CP+B's latest work with Jell-O extends the 'Pudding Face' campaign to the real-world bringing global Twitter 'mood' data to a Manhattan intersection, and free pudding to the not-so-happy :(

The Jell-O Pudding Mood Meter that launched a couple of weeks ago, will now take physical form as it looms over NYC to inform us what the collective mood of the world is vs. our personal limited one. The 3D billboard, located on West Broadway and Grand Street, monitors the world's mood as expressed via Twitter, and captures it through a 3D mechanical face that smiles or frowns to reflect those emotions.

How it works: Crispin Porter + Bogusky, who collaborated with Jell-O on the campaign, have monitored Twitter for two months and found that the global average of smiles :) is 12,000 per minute, while the average of frowns :( is 800 per minute. Using that as their mean, the SoHo billboard pings Twitter every seven seconds, searching for the smiles and frowns, and adjusts the percentage, and subsequently, the face, to correspond to the global mood.

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