Jux is an eye-catching new blog platform that aims to best its predecessors like Tumblr, Wordpress, and all the rest.

Just launched this August, Jux is a new blog platform that prides itself on being a more polished version of its various predecessors. CEO Ted Metcalfe explains that Jux aims to encourage bloggers to be more creative and to showcase their thoughts on a more personal level compared to rival blogging platforms. Prior to the official launch, Jux already had more than 50,000 account sign-ups and counting, enough to indicate its great appeal to the masses.

Similar to the features of Tumblr and About.me, Jux also allows users to upload photos, make slideshows, and even insert add-ons to pictures like mustaches and more.  For bloggers who thrive on content creation, Jux lets them use block quotes, write articles, and even make their own ‘Top 10 Countdown’ of anything that interests them. Plus, Juxers get to share their newest posts and photos via Facebook and other social networking sites. According to the Jux website, the experience is like ‘Blogging in HD,’ perhaps because its features are truly a step above other blog platforms.

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