Kickstarter Targets Its Funding To Boost Effectiveness

Kickstarter Targets Its Funding To Boost Effectiveness

Kickstarter is an online platform that specializes in crowdfunding for D-I-Y arts projects, which allows them to streamline their funding to more effectively help these endeavors come to fruition.

Caroline Ku
  • 3 august 2011

Kickstarter is the type of company every startup aspires to be.

In two years, they established a crowdfunding platform that has raised more than $75 million for 10,000 independent arts projects. At the same time, they have given people, who are known as ‘backers,’ the ability to put money towards something they truly care about.

The numbers and popularity of the website prove that the company has tapped into a niche market that was waiting to explode. Even Mark Zuckerberg has donated to a Kickstarter project.

Yet, for a company that has accomplished such a huge feat in so little time, its mission can be summarized in a simple phrase—to fund independent arts projects around the world.

That being said, not every art project is accepted by Kickstarter. If you’re trying to fund a charity, you won’t be able to receive backing, and there’s a limit to the projects in categories they support. But it’s because they’ve narrowed down their field that they’ve been able to excel at what they’ve created.

By specializing in what they do, Kickstarter has found a unique solution that targets a common problem in the arts community, while creating a breeding ground for vibrant and innovative projects that feeds into a sustainable business model.


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