A new ad program from the broadcast giant that donates 10% of marketers' ad buy to environmental efforts is gaining traction despite criticism from green advocacy groups.

CBS's ‘EcoAd‘ program, designed to support environmental protection efforts through ad purchases, is gaining traction eight months after its launch. Marketers are ‘actively negotiating' with CBS for packages of ad time on the company's broadcast network, with 10% of CBS's revenue going to environmental efforts. The growing interest in contributing ad dollars to aid causes or issues that bear personal relevance to customers signals that advertisers hope their products will be looked upon more favorably, in an effort to earn more revenue. Meanwhile, the EcoAd program has been criticized by some environmental advocacy groups, including the Center for Environmental Health and the Rainforest Action Network, complaining that the EcoAd effort could suggest to consumers that the advertisers involved are themselves environmentally conscious and work up to ‘green' standards.

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