Mojave Desert Grows Shrimp For Your Las Vegas Seafood Cocktail [Headlines]


Blue Oasis Pure Shrimp is the first shrimp farm on land. Located in the Mojave desert, they plan to keep a steady supply for the Las Vegas strip.

Caroline Ku
  • 10 august 2011

Did you ever think that shrimp grown in the desert would be possible? Everybody talks about declining fish stocks but few companies have ventured to grow seafood on dry land, let alone in the Mojave Desert. Blue Oasis Pure Shrimp is setting the bar by becoming the first company to grow shrimp on land with the aim of providing the Las Vegas strip with a continuous supply. The ‘farm’ is located just 30 miles outside of the desert-locked city. Akhila Vijayaraghavan/Triple Pundit.

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