EX3D offers moviegoers stylish 3D eyewear to enjoy the latest 3D flick and to take home to use with TV, gaming systems, and laptops.

EX3D is reinventing the 3D movie experience by offering stylish EX3D eyewear for men, women, and kids from vending machines. Moviegoers in California have the option of purchasing the 3D eyewear featuring Marchon3D’s patented, circular lens technology, which allows users to tilt their heads or look around without affecting the 3D perception. The vending machine sports an user-friendly touchscreen interface and stocks a number of EX3D glasses in various colors and styles. Prices run from $22 to $70 for limited selection varieties. The glasses are compatible with most 3D televisions, gaming systems and laptops as well, so users can take them home for future uses.

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